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Haley Pest Control of Lawrence Can Help Rid Your Home of Scorpions

Scorpions are relatively rare in Kansas, but that does not mean that we haven’t encountered any or had any customers stung by them.

The good news is that scorpions are similar to spiders in that many people think they are deadly and only want to attack humans. Fortunately, this is not the case.


Contrary to popular belief, scorpions are actually shy creatures who tend to hide and retreat from humans rather than attack them. Most stings are usually the result of a scorpion feeling threatened.


It is important to note, though, that scorpion stings are painful and similar in severity to bee stings. Those who have allergies or sensitive immune systems are at risk for more severe health complications associated with the sting.

Due to this, do not try any do-it-yourself methods. Instead, let our experienced and professional Lawrence scorpion control specialists handle it for you. We are familiar with their habits, such as where they hide and the fact that they tend to be nocturnal and hunt insects at night. We commonly find scorpions under stones on sunny hillsides.

Once we quickly locate them we will perform Integrated Pest Management (IPM) procedures to ensure their safe removal and prevention.

Haley Pest Control offers Pest Control and Termite Control in Lawrence, KS and in Topeka, Kansas, Baldwin, Eudora, Overland Park, Olathe, Lenexa, Leawood, Shawnee Mission, Stanley, Ottawa, Kansas City, Basehor, Linwood, Tonganoxie, Mclouth, and Perry-Lecompton. We offer Pest Management and Exterminator services for the following counties: Douglas, Johnson, Jefferson, Franklin, Shawnee, Wyandotte and Leavenworth , KS.

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