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Many people are afraid of spiders, and it’s for good reason! These creatures love to make your home their home too, and it’s often difficult to get rid of them. While there are thousands of species of spiders, and many of them aren’t harmful, the Kansas City area is home to a few types whose bites cause serious health issues. Fortunately, our experienced team at Haley Pest Control is well equipped to rid your property of these pests so you can enjoy your space comfortably and safely. Due to our 125 of combined experience and personal history with these creatures, such as the brown recluse, we confidently guarantee our spider control services in Lawrence.

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The Good News About Spiders!

While the presence of a spider can spark fear, spiders also have beneficial qualities. Because they eat other insects, including ants, flies, termites, and cockroaches, they assist with keeping your property free of such pests. Additionally, the presence of spiders could be an indication that other pests are present, and their nesting location will help our technicians locate where other insects might be hiding.

How Spiders Get Into Your Property

Spiders seek warm, dark, and moist environments, and move from place to place in search of their next meal. While many spiders prefer the outdoors, as winter approaches, they will enter your property through any small cracks, ventilation, or openings around your windows or doors. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you routinely check that such things are properly sealed.

You will most commonly see spiders in basements, crawl spaces, attics, and closets. Additionally, spiders are drawn to any object or area of your property that remains undisturbed—this allows them a safe place to build a web or, for females, lay eggs.

Our Spider Control Services

At Haley Pest Control, our Lawrence spider control experts are familiar with the best methods and procedures to safely remove and prevent the following spiders from infesting your property:

Our Lawrence spider control technicians believe in an Integrative Pest Management (IPM) approach. When we arrive at your property, we will first conduct a thorough inspection to determine any possible things that attracted the spiders in the first place. Typically, this includes landscaping and bushes that grow adjacent to the side of the building. We also recommend that you remove any woodpiles or debris, as both are excellent hiding spots for spiders to burrow in.

Once we’ve completed our Lawrence spider control inspection, we will discuss our findings with you and proceed to the removal stage of treatment. This typically involves vacuuming to remove both the spiders and their webs. We might also resort to placing sticky boards along your walls so we can monitor the success rate of the removal.

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    “They came over as scheduled and were very knowledgeable.”

    - Kade M.
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    “They only have to come out once and I don't see any ants for the rest of the year, so worth every penny.”

    - Past Customer - Angie's List
  • Great Service!!

    “Always courteous, efficient, dependable and effective.”

    - Helen B.
  • Highly Recommend!

    “The technician was on time and very efficient in placing the bait stations. Since they have been installed I have not seen any droppings.”

    - Past Customer - Angie's List

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