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Green Pest Services in Lawrence

Protecting You from Pests While Protecting the Environment

For our environmentally conscious customers, our specialists at Haley Pest Control have developed two programs to meet your needs.

Quality Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Our first program uses only “natural” or organic materials and mechanical measures inside and outside of the house to eliminate your pest problems. We are here to protect your personal property from pests, but not at a cost the surrounding environment.

Sometimes, this may require more extensive work compared to a normal insect treatment.

During our green integrated pest management approach, we can minimize infestations using the following standards:

  • Proper identification of the pest and understanding its biology and habits
  • Habitat modification to remove conditions conducive to the pest presence
  • Exclusion to prevent pest entry into structures
  • Inspection and monitoring to verify the presence of pests
  • The use of non-chemical control measures where appropriate and effective
  • The use of “natural” chemicals that meet the National Organic Program Compliant standards where appropriate and effective

Our second program is a combination service that uses “natural” or organic materials on the inside and synthetic products on the exterior of the home. The advantage of this type of service over just organic products alone is that the synthetic materials hold up better to the elements.

Schedule Your Green Pest Control Service Today

Our commitment to providing concerned customers with high-quality pest control while keeping our environmental impact to a minimum is important to us. Removing pests from your home or business doesn't need to be a harmful chemical-filled affair, so give us a call at (785) 380-0871 today to discuss your eco-friendly pest removal options today!

To schedule green pest services in Lawrence, give us a call at (785) 380-0871 or contact us online. We also assist customers throughout Topeka, Kansas City, and the surrounding areas.

Reviews Backed by Experience

  • Highly Recommend!

    “They came over as scheduled and were very knowledgeable.”

    - Kade M.
  • Great Results

    “They only have to come out once and I don't see any ants for the rest of the year, so worth every penny.”

    - Past Customer - Angie's List
  • Great Service!!

    “Always courteous, efficient, dependable and effective.”

    - Helen B.
  • Highly Recommend!

    “The technician was on time and very efficient in placing the bait stations. Since they have been installed I have not seen any droppings.”

    - Past Customer - Angie's List

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