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Sure, there is an open house sign on the lawn, but that sign doesn’t apply to visitors with six legs, wings, or stingers. If you’re currently putting your home up for sale or you’re purchasing a home, it is important to ensure that there is no infestation present or conditions that would make the property prone to infestations. Unfortunately, it is difficult to notice such things yourself if you’ve not received the special training necessary to do so. That is why you should turn to the experienced Lawrence real estate pest inspectors at Haley Pest Control. We’ll ensure your home, or your future one, is free from unwanted guests.

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Why Choose Haley Pest Control to Inspect Your Home or Business?

Our team of Lawrence real estate pest inspection technicians has over 125 years of combined experience and we’ve been inspecting homes on a daily basis for 45 years. This means we know exactly where to look and what to look for. We care greatly about our customers, their property, and their safety, which is important when you receive an inspection. Additionally, if we do find a pest problem that needs to be removed, we’ll be able to take care of it on the spot.

Our team of Lawrence real estate pest inspectors specifically ensures that there are no termite problems. All of our termite inspections or wood destroying insect reports are FHA-VA reports, which are then written in a typed form and emailed in a PDF file for your records. Additionally, all of our real estate inspections are backed by a 90-day warranty.

If your termite problem still persists after 90 days, we will return and treat the building at zero cost to you. However, it is important to note that this warranty only overs liquid termite treatment and not baiting systems.

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Reviews Backed by Experience

  • Highly Recommend!

    “They came over as scheduled and were very knowledgeable.”

    - Kade M.
  • Great Results

    “They only have to come out once and I don't see any ants for the rest of the year, so worth every penny.”

    - Past Customer - Angie's List
  • Great Service!!

    “Always courteous, efficient, dependable and effective.”

    - Helen B.
  • Highly Recommend!

    “The technician was on time and very efficient in placing the bait stations. Since they have been installed I have not seen any droppings.”

    - Past Customer - Angie's List

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